Why humanities has immensely promising road ahead in the disruptive world!!

A child in grade X in the Indian context is under tremendous pressure. Which stream to take after class X? The pressures mounting from expectations of family, peers, school, teachers affecting one’s self worth and self belief.

If you have not taken sciences you are not worth. Ok, commerce chalega. Only losers take humanities. These are a few takes in our society. Not realizing what a cumulative disaster that we all are contributing to. No less than 80% of the IITians confide that they are not interested in Engineering and choice was foisted upon them and they are looking at choices outside even before they graduated.

The rapid progress in the disruptive technologies and computing is posing a lot of challenges to even those who opted for sciences and engineering and choose to continue. These shifts are demanding life-long learning. One has to be abreast with the developments in technology and skillsets these greater sophisticated technologies demand.

In these times of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT) and host of other technologies that are stimulating, instigating and facilitating the lifeless machines to learn to think like human, can they be devoid of feelings and conscience? If we do, we are certainly pushing the world towards a precipice of no return that these machines can lead humanity to.

Humanities is the way to make these machines humane, to imbibe feelings and values that evolve from developing open consciousness within. Here is an amazing short video to facilitate every one understand what and why this is the only way ahead in this fast evolving disruptive world.

Having seen this video, I am sure we all can certainly think how important a role will deep understanding of every subject under the umbrella of humanities will have in the rapidly progressing world. The technological world will have no choice but to embrace humanities. All those who have chosen or keen to, will have a huge role to play going ahead. Humanities will play tango with science and technology to keep the world sane. All companies and organisations in cutting edge technologies will recruit people of calibre and dedication from the world of humanities to give birth to humane, intelligent machines.

Hope this small article gives immense power to ever one to facilitate the young to choose their heart over the mind, especially in the career choices they make.

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