Am I contributing to the nation? Kindly ask oneself?

How are you feeling incarcerated at home, by COVID? How much of doubts do you harbour before you step out of the house, even with all precautions? Are you happy with your personal state of living and existence? No…COVID has shocked us and the world..

What is state of the nation? How badly is its potential incarcerated?

Congress has gone to dogs, anyways. Will criticising it going to better our nation?

Do not be blinded, with faith and religion. Even after being literates, most of us are behaving like uneducated.

Economic degrowth at a historical level. Never since time immemorial the degrowth was so bad. It is going to get worse.

88% of economy is SMEs, unorganised. Most are struggling for working capital. Closing up.

Unemployment is at the highest.

Wailing Bharat Mata (source, internet)

Let me not talk about what, how the nation’s vital pillars are manipulated…….

So far, the detrimental effect of the deeds of the current govt have not touched you and me, cushioned by our socio-economic status. We all will cry soon, when we /our family will personally get affected…

– Parliament bulldozed
– Judiciary and it’s servile decisions
– Police force and it’s atrocities
– Army’s politicization
– Election commission partisan rulings
– CBI / ED vengeful deployment
– NSSO ‘s mouth shut
– CAG rubber stamps
– Modia, no more media
– …….

– Gentry opiumized using faith and religion.

Never in my memory have I seen the  society so divided and disintegrated. We may have worse times….

Do you think these viruses created by the current dispensation are any less than COVID? Finding vaccine to curing them will take a decade or two…

As an educated, we have to make sure we create checks and balances on the ruling dispensation, irrespective of who it is. In a nation like ours where 70% of population still not literate (give daaru and some money they will vote for the giver) we have even greater responsibility.

Ask your own self? Are you objective? Are you really contributing to a better nation? Ask what are you giving?

Kindly question the authority for his bad deeds, for sure..

So, when you come across messages on your social media destinations, kindly ask. “Am I helping to build a better tomorrow, better nation, better world?” Then only forward it.

More importantly, raise your voice against the atrocities ! Remember we have responsibility towards more rhan 80% of the citizens of the nation.


  1. Salaams from New York………what a frightful desolate year with no cultural activity, no aesthetic solace or diversion, deluge of fabrications from every imaginable source.

    You are absolutely right, until people focus on reality and find solutions, reestablish amity, communication, social responsibility there will be no future. Sadly the mental and moral inertia is pervasive. Politicians are beyond redemption as is the medical industry, the level of collusion is disastrous, ergo individuals have to battle the economic and emotional devastation.

    Noone has encountered anything similar in living memory, from ads to conversation to 24 hour propaganda to the deliberate global dismantling.

    It is suffocating to be surrounded by brainwashed imbeciles, we’ll drown in chemicals – surreal. The incessant exhortation to wash hands for precisely 20 seconds, nothing else just hands.

    Have people forgotten how to think? Europeans are skeptical and opening up, a lot of cautious skeptics here too but too many bizarros. Blatant social engineering under the guise of ‘safety’ When did governments/politicians become so soliticous?

    You have a network, please activate antidotes, dire need for compassion and decency. This is a test run, global economic disruptions will resonate in a catastrophic sequence. Supplies are erratic, a lot of very strange things going on. It is the ‘literates’ who are the problem, those unencumbered by western educations think clearly as they are self reliant and resilient.

    I wonder if and when we’ll have a cultural life again, how are all your dance festival participants? All our wonderfully gifted artists – on hold, no summer concerts, travel, no art festivals

    Hoping for sanity to return…….Manjari ji sent some wonderful links which is very nice.

    The least anyone can do is not to be oblivious to all the rottenness surrounding us, so very alien to our culture. We nurtured all our values, time to treasure our heritage and be human.

    Best wishes

    Lille Singh


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