Beyond COVID19 : Challenges and Opportunities – Careers, Jobs, Education – IIMB Director Designate, Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, CEO Naukri, Hitesh Oberoi.


B-SCHOOL / Corporate Leadership Aspirants
2020, 2021, 2022

Two Stalwarts from Education and Career Spaces on the same platform form.

Webinar – MAY 24, 5PM-6:30PM

Panelists :

Prof Rishikesha T Krishnan,
IIM B Director Designate,
Ex Director, IIM Indore
Specializes in innovation and strategy
An IIT Kanpur, IIMA and Stanford Alum,

Mr. Hitesh Oberoi
CEO of
(InfoEdge India Limited)

Moderated by

Sreeni []
Trustee, CL Education Foundation
Co-Founder, Career Launcher (CL Educate)

——– Focus on ——–

A. Challenges and Opportunities – Decade ahead

B. COVID19: Aftermath

  • Immediate challenges
  • Creating Opportunities

C. Transforming Higher Education / Learning Space

D. IIMs/BSchool readiness to facilitate

E. Leadership the world / Corporates need

F. How B-School grads can make most of it

G. BSchool Call getters / Aspirants immediate concerns

H. What to focus upon in the next 2 months for Class of 2022 before they join BSchool this year.

I. What CAT 2020, 2021 aspirants look forward to


Here is my homework notes for pre-webinar discussions with Rishi and Hitesh!

  • Challenges and Opportunities – Decade ahead
    • What all major factors that will shape the world in general and corporate world in particular, when we look next five – 10 years?
  • Geo-political scenarios – Globalization
    • Closing of the economies
      • China – US : Trade war
        • Who will benefit – Vietnam, Philippines or India
      • Trump repealing a lot of things… nations running in opposite directions
      • China – and Asia and South Asia issues
      •  A lot contradicting happenin
        • Some time it will take to get to the new equilibrium
        • Opportunities for India, Indian Industry, Economy

  • With COVID happening, sustainability – environmental issues will also gain momentum
    • When it comes to survival, to what extent will it have impact
      • So far, environmental issues have not taken the front seat, may not for some time to come
  • role of disruptive technologies looking into the future,
    • Data Analytics and the role:

B. COVID19: Aftermath – Immediate challenges; Creating Opportunities

  1. COVID hammered disruption – Many industries will struggle in the short and medium term
  2. Lockdown, Massive migration, Covid impact

2008 – disruptions

  • Markets – Industry – disruptions
  • Impact on Traditional Industries – Tech disruptions – Migrant workers
  • Digitalization – start ups how it has panned, how will they get impacted
  •  Jobs – Localizations may happen, due to large scale migrations
  • Liberalization / Globalization of 1990s – A few States benefited and really grew, but now lost the labour – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu …
    • Will the Bihar and UP take advantage of skilled labour coming back – promote SMEs?
    • Will the Companies relocate within India? Bangalore Vs Gulbarga
    • How does it pan out, we will have to see
  • Fancied, service-oriented jobs how will they get affected
    • Banking, Finance, Amazon, Walmart
    • how many jobs will be there, where will the jobs be;
    • May be in slightly changed profiles
  • Companies who are cash short will struggle; Cash reserves high – they will take off
    • Airlines – Indigo is the only guy who is going to make merry with cash reserves
    • Will people fly? One time relocation may be – coming from London, going to Coimbatore…. Then will they fly? Those who are stuck within the country may reach home… then on?
  • Startups – 40-50% of those that have just taken off have fallen down – not unicorns, they will reassess and may retrench the unwanted flab, to get trim and slim to be more hungry !
  • Governments policy: Atmanirbharta – How will this pans out? What is the message? How is that going to impact FII, FDI we need to see.
  • New trends Going forward
    • Work from home
    • Some industries may get benefitted
    • Opportunities go global – whether you work with Mumbai, Bangalore or London, New York – you will deliver
  • Migrants may still be valued in a few countries, else their basic utilities may fail
    • Canada, European countries…

C. Transforming Higher Education / Learning Space

With COVID hitting hard, many fundamentals of education are and will be questioned now

– The world’s best universities are now in turmoil

– Asking very fundamental things; Universities are questioning themselves

  • The very essence of regular institutional system
  • Is the education system going to be redefined?
  • Will the world gravitate towards learner-centricity?
  • Will the system of annual / academic system be questioned?
  • What about the assessment and evaluation systems?
  • The whole academic year (conventionally seen) may go for a toss.

D. Leadership the world / Corporates need

  1. Strategies that world in general need to adapt / will evolve
  2. Leadership needed in such a dynamically evolving world
  3. Management as a career in such a disruptive decade ahead
  4. How B-School grads can make most of it

Indian context

  • Evolution of Higher ed / Management education that facilitate youth to face such possibilities
  • What do you see as challenges for institutions to facilitate evolution of such leadership?
  • Relevance of innovation in leadership of next decade
  • Do you see that it is India’s time now in such a changing world?
  • With most of the companies in Silicon Valley pushing India as the destination for testing of innovations worth investing in, has India gained that place?
  • Many an Indian educated in our IITs and IIMs are CXOs at the HQs of many leading MNCs, but can Indian management education rank among the top in the world soon?

F. IIMs/BSchool readiness to facilitate – How is IIM Bangalore going to be. Interactions with other IIMS

G. BSchool Call getters / Aspirants immediate concerns

Now coming to some of the immediate concerns of the IIM / B-School call getters this year

  1. How do you foresee the first term or two? Will it be predominantly online?
    1. How are IIMs gearing up?
    1. How different is the online approach going to be?
  2. Will B-schools have a re-look at the fees for those terms if you go online?
  3. How do you see the job market / internships in 2021/22?
  4. Should I postpone my joining if I have calls? From IIMs; from tier 2/3/4 colleges
  5. What all will I miss out if the first year ends up being completely online?
  6. Will summer placements be affected this year?
  • Internships – lower pegging order institutions – lower companies sophisticated – not well prepared…
  • placements – numbers low – deferment would have happened
    • They may not withdraw
    • Start-ups :
    • Indore – 600 people – 150-200 people going to start ups
    • Baby IIMs scenario
    • Students need to be Agile
  • Jobs – this financial years not sure…
    • Supply vs Demand

H. What to focus upon in the next 2 months for Class of 2022 before they join BSchool this year.

I. What CAT 2020, 2021 aspirants look forward to

Now looking into the coming year process

  1. Will CAT2020 be affected this November?
  2. Can we expect postponement or maybe even an ‘exam from home’

kindly leave your comment and feedback in the remarks here. Thanks. Sreeni

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