It is about, “How well you know, what you know” – Faezaan, IIMC class of 2019

Profile – 10th – 96.8 (icse), 12th -84 , grad -56%
Hometown – Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Graduation – SSCBS, DU, Bachelor in Business Studies

Towards the end of pre-final year when I was introspecting myself ,I realised that I have wasted most of my time in college- bad acads, not a part of the societies I wanted to be, and I also couldn’t do much in cricket (I am passionate about cricket). Pessimism and despair were beginning to sink in, but my grandfather kept reminding me of my MBA dream from one of IIM ABC, yes the holy trinity πŸ™‚

IMG_20160415_000827_815And I kick-started the preparation with my heart and soul into it,something inside me had surely changed, the ultimate goal kept inspiring me.

Long story short, all the hard work I put in for Cat ’16 did pay well for me. I received interview calls from IIMA (fabm), IIM C,L,I,K. Now, the real journey kicked in – the dreaded IIM Interview. The very thought of having a graduate %age in 50’s was sending a chill down my spine. I joined the CL’s PDP Personalized programme for the same. I am also thankful to Cl for letting me pay the fees in two installments on a request.

My very first mock interview with my mentor, Sreeni Sir, an IIMB alumnus, was a disaster. I got to know of the intricacies of my personality. The concepts of IKIGAI, PE are such useful tools. He advised me to stay calm as only then one can think and articulate one’s answers carefully.

I had interview with Gautam Puri Sir too. The interview was really logical and it showed me my weakness in the areas I was pretty confident on. Gautam Bawa sir was the one for acads, he suggested me the key areas to prepare from my course.

I got to learn how one should play to one’s strengths, interview is not about knowing everything rather it’s about “how well you know, what you know”E2

Commitment and logical thinking ability were the areas I strived to improve upon through General awareness, mock interviews etc.

The online videos of CL PDP were really good along with newscanvass articles on current affairs, that came with the PDPP. My academic knowledge was not something I was confident on, so in my interviews I used to talk about internships, extra-curriculars etc. However I did prepare 3 subjects really well. I studied them all over again as suggested by PDP mentors and I was able to answer questions on them in my real interviews.

Most importantly, it’s all about how confident you are, at times when I felt low I did call my mentor, who was there to help me. And “never taking no for granted”
People I met had told me,”you won’t make it to IIMs because of your low grad score.” But i persevered persistently. And the result was yes, I converted the coveted IIM -Calcutta call ,a.k.a ‘JOKA’

Thank you CL PDP and all the mentors !

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