Re-igniting the youth – LAMP Fellowships – gain insights into Indian Policy Making and Parliamentary System

A couple of things that really struck me during the Aam Aadmi Party’s ascendancy in the political space recently are –
A. Politics is getting to be more democratized, in the sense, youth, in general, is considering politics as a very challenging and potential career; They are looking at it as a means to bring about the change that they wish to see in the policies that can impact the society and the life of larger public;
B. Youth is keen to make the difference; They are not bystanders and they want to contribute and not lament. From that sense, volunteerism has again come to the fore in the last 4-5 years – India’s Action against Corruption (IAC) and the AAP movement that emerged from there, in the wake of political parties challenging the IAC to bring the change by joining politics.
This significant outlook has emerged once again after almost half a century of indifference, especially among the Indian youth. When I was thinking about it, I felt perhaps the 1960s -70s -80s, laid emphasis on being self-reliant and the Indian youth chased careers, and most of the developments happened because of this shift the Indian youth made then, and they went on to make telling contributions in both national and international scenarios.
With liberalization of 1991, the global outlook that the last generation gained over that last 2-3 decades, has enabled them to pass on to the subsequent generation, a spirit of exploration – within and without – to really know what this generation wants to do in life. So, I see, a great deal of opportunities open for the youth. One of the exciting possibilities that help youth to explore the nation, is through the eyes of the Indian Parliamentarians via PRS’ LAMP Fellowships. Take a look here.

About the LAMP Fellowship (from the site)

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship was conceptualized by PRS to create a platform for young Indians to engage with policy making at the national level. The LAMP Fellowship started on a pilot basis in 2010 in collaboration with the Constitution Club of India.
The LAMP Fellowship provides an opportunity for young Indians to be mentored by a Member of Parliament. The LAMP Fellows work full time with the assigned MP for a period of eleven months, from the beginning of the Monsoon session to the end of the Budget session of Parliament. Throughout the eleven months, the LAMP Fellow works closely with the MP, providing extensive research support for his/her parliamentary work.
Typically, LAMP Fellows could find themselves researching topics as diverse as defence, food security, environment, economics and foreign affairs. Though the primary role of a LAMP Fellow is to support an MP’s Parliamentary work, Fellows also have an opportunity to get exposed to constituency related matters. Forty fellows are selected every year in the last two years, from the earlier 12. Under the Fellowship, Fellows will also engage with policy makers and experts from diverse sectors through participation in workshops on important policy and development issue that the country faces today.
This program has opened immense career opportunities for each of the fellows. Several LAMP Fellows have pursued advanced degrees in political science, public policy, and media/communications. Others have chosen to work in areas such as political consulting, public relations, and the development sector. Some Fellows have continued to support the work of other MPs. Many of these fellows have their eyes set on taking their leap into active politics, which certainly bodes well for a young nation like India.

Visit LAMP Fellowships on PRS Website
Just believe in yourself, the world will be at your feet – Swami Vivekananda.

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