Fancy and Fantasy – Gurudev’s works come alive on stage : Conceived by Dr Utpal K Banerjee

I had the honour of anchoring the organization of the unique dance evening – Fancy and Fantasy – that well known performing art critique Dr. Utpal K Banerjee conceived.

Fancy and Fantasy brought Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s later life works for children to the stage through the translations of Utpal da, choreographed and performences by very eminent gurus and dancers – Shovana Narayan ji in Kathak, Vaidyanathans – Saroja ji, Rama and Dakshina in Bharatanatyam, Bharati Shivaji with disciples in Mohiniyattam, and Santosh Nair and his disciple Rishi Sharma with fellow dancers in Chhau and Contemporary dance form. My humble gratitude to each of the gurus for whole-heartedly making this evening a memorable one through their performances. No words can really thank them enough.

Each of the guru picked up one or two poems of Gurudev’s from the translated works of Dr. Utpal Banerjee – Rainbow Rhymes of Tagore – published by National Sahitya kala akademi.

Fancy and Fantasy collage

Here is the coverage of the program on ‘Colors of India’ on Doordarshan, the Indian television channel.

You can also view the photographs of the evening at this link The photographic captures of Fancy and Fantasy

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