Think Big, Start Small – Liberating Self, yet Bonding Culturally – the young Nehha Bhatnagar!

Within CL Ecosystem, I have always been a start-up guy and continue to incubate new projects. I carry the mindset of a creator all the time. This thirst gets further quenched as I mentor budding entrepreneurs, especially in the early phase of the journey. The ideas pouring in, the exploration of possibilities to make those ideas into action, making headways to financial viability etc. The fire in the belly and the drive to realize the initial difficult milestones gives me a kick.


And if it happens in in the space of arts – performing and fine arts, I do not have words to express my delight. A whiff of fresh air has been blowing in this space in the last one year. One person who has taken off is Nehha Bhatnagar and is certainly a source of inspiration for me, especially the way she is going about creating a niche for herself with SARVAM in the vast, fertile expanse of arts.


Parkaya 2014 - beyond the proscenium

My interactions with established artists always touch upon the dimension of a champion ‘creator of spaces’ for artists to showcase their journey of excellence. I have been striving to create such spaces, in a humble way, time being a big constraint. While, there have been a few inspiring personalities of my generation, who have breathed life into performing arts space in the last decade and half, bringing the arts, artists into the public spaces for the gentry to get inspired, Nehha is the new kid who has BOLTED off the blocks that Usain too will be proud of!!


Nehha’s approach is very fresh. Not to take away anything from her, I feel Nehha is blessed to have had an amazing ecosystem that helped her blossom into what she is today –


a. Nehha’s tutelage at Ganesha Natyalaya’s under Saroja Vaidyanathan ji – with the creative ignitions from of one of the outstanding dancers of current generation, Rama Vaidyanathan, whose outlook and approach has always been very lateral and wholistic, brimming with ideas; and very talented Dakshina Vaidyanathan, who is mischievously creative, being close buddy of Nehha.

Parkaya 2014 - beyond the proscenium

b. Of course, I would like to place a great deal of credit to parents of Nehha, who have always been ‘entrepreneurial’ in their vision, outlook and action, that must have spurred Nehha to take this exciting path.

Parkaya 2014 - beyond the proscenium

In the last one year, a few of the initiatives of Nehha and Sarvam that come to top of my mind are –


a. Parkaya – unique exploration of syntax and semantics of another Indian classical dance form by stalwarts in their own dance form. Parkaya has certainly given greater momentum to such explorations that will turn into avalanche soon.


b. TEDxTughlaqRd – The Inspiring TEDx talks with a touch towards performing and fine arts

c. Global Heritage Series – Unique evening where showcasing of art/photo exhibitions, global collaborations in performing arts take place

d. Demystifying classical music – RAAG ON – an evening to help gentry appreciate the nuances of classical through the popular Film Music compositions and the secrets behind their creations!

e. Empowering Artists – All STAR RECITAL – The evening that brought in a variety of other entrepreneurs who create the eco-system for artists to excel – communication expert, photo enthusiast, film maker, social media evangelist – indeed made the evening a rich learning experience for many a young artist in the audience. It certainly empowered them to start thinking on those dimensions whenever their next performance comes up, and for a few it would have done a world of good to take the leap that they always wanted to take!

f. Of course, the Rama Vaidyanathan Residencies across the country to infuse LATERAL THINKING among budding Bharatanatyam dancepreneurs!

Parkaya 2014 - beyond the proscenium

I am sure Nehha’s endeavours will go a long way in BONDING enthusiasts and common gentry with CULTURE while LIBERATING each from their own ‘scripts’ that shackle every youth / individual from really flying high in life…

Thanks Nehhu for making the world richer… and certainly my journey of life!

Catch up with Nehha and her endeavours at Sarvam Foundation


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