Fragments of Dreams – Rukmini Chatterjee’s concept, executed SOULFULLY by Sanjukta Sinha with Anuj and Fernando

Sreeni On Stage

Production “Fragments of Dreams” Performed at Shriram Centre, New Delhi featuring Artists – Sanjukta Sinha, Anuj Kathak & Fernando Marco Carrión , Concept and Artistic Direction Rukmini Chatterjee.

I could feel the heart and soul of the story line – love triangle, a dramatic reflection of ones own journey, by introspective and sensitive Rukmini, portrayed by the sensuous Sanjukta, one of my favourite kathak exponents for sheer energy, intensity and sensuality!

Interestingly the two male performers are Anuj Mishra, Kathak (India) and Fernando Marco Carrion, Ballet (Paris), two different dance forms from across the two continents that Rukmini has been straddling! The interpretations could be many – the proponent torn between two human beings, to two dance forms – Kathak and Ballet, to two nations, two cultures….emerging from Rukmini’s own journey. I felt there were many underlying currents, Well conceived, directed and portrayed. I am sure a few of the…

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