Pallavi Krishnan, Mohiniyattam @ Ananya Dance Festival 2013

Pallavi Krishnan @ Ananya Dance Festival 2013

The selection of pieces and choreography of Pallavi Krishnan, Mohinyattam exponent at Ananya was a revelation. She managed to weave the slow dance into amazing formations on the big stage. It was a treat to every dance lover.

Pallavi Krishnan is a leading exponent of Mohiniyattam. She is known for her efforts to promote and preserve this style of Indian classical dance as a living tradition. Initially Pallavi trained in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Sankaranarayanan. She completed her graduation in Kathakali from Shantiniketan(Viswa Bharati University).

Her passion for Mohiniyattam led her from Shantiniketan to Kerala Kalamandalam making her the only Indian dancer who is an alumnus of these two coveted national arts academies. Pallavi continued her studies under Guru Bharati Shivaji and later developed a style of her own, which is marked by creativity in her performance. Her skilful choreography has enriched her repertoire and inspired many young dancers to take up the form.

In 1995, Pallavi Krishnan founded the Lasya Academy of Mohiniyattam, based in Thrissur, Kerala. Lasya is a centre for the promotion of and professional training in Mohiniyattam. Her uncompromising teaching has attracted students from all over the world. A recipient of several honours and awards, the latest is the state award for 2008 of the Kerala Sangeet Nataka Akademi, the official academi of the Government of Kerala for the promotion of fine arts, making her the first non-Keralite to get this coveted recognition from the land of the art form (April 2009)

If you love to go through photographs of Pallavi’s performance –

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