Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family

Ramadan Mubarak
Ramadan Mubarak. This photograph was taken by me from the top of the main entrance Gate of Jama Masjid during the Friday Prayers during the month of Ramadan in 2010. I lived the spirit of Ramadan during the presence in the holy mosque

The holy month Ramadan begins and I wish everyone a hearty Ramadan Karim.

The spirit of Ramadan is all about patience, tolerance, resilience, empathy for others and contributing to the world peace and not just praying surahs, fasting and feasting!

I share this simply because of my experiences with significant numbers of friends, families and countries where Islam is being followed. I also have friends who are not followers of Islam, but follow all the tenets that a Ramadan month brings with, in spirit. The Ramadan month is considered holy and all the feelings expressed is of holiness, but the deeds of many who project to be ardent followers do not match the verbal expression. The human desire of having the exquisite and sumptuous prevails.

I humbly request every person following Ramadan is to spread the spirit of Ramadan within oneself and live up to it, enable our families to live up to it and the society to live up to it. Spread the message of peace, brotherhood and love.

Ramadan Karim to you and your family,

May the almighty bless you in all your endeavours,



Visual journey of Jama Masjid and Old Delhi Ramadan Festivities on my FLICKR stream

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