If I have a son….: Mahima Saigal

A good friend of mine, Mahima, an avid dancer and trained actress from NY, is very good at expressing her deep thoughts in the form of poetry. I found her expression of anguish translating into this thought provoking verses – If I have son… – a very meaningful one for all.

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If I have a son

there are many things

I will make him learn


I’ll remind him I’m tougher than his father

For it’s a fact well known that women are

emotionally and mentally much more stronger


The power to give birth rests only with us women

It requires this overwhelming courage and stamina

which no man on God’s Green Earth could summon.

If I have a son…


I’ll teach him about the laws of nature,

the vital role of women; their functions and

how we are not some poor submissive creature


If I have a son I’ll teach him how to be a respectful boy

I’ll buy him gifts and items butwill

warn him that a girl can never ever be his Toy


If I have a son I’ll tell him; there are limits to your fun

He’ll be given lessons on chivalry, courtesy. Plus

Respect for Women will be central to his education


I’ll warn him never to ogle, jeer and stare

Because if he’s caught doing so

I’ll guarantee his entry into the intensive care


I’ll set some rules and regulations for him to follow

I would rather be a Hitler Mom

than let my son be the reason behind a girl’s sorrow


If I have a son

I’ll ensure words that degrade or insult women

are eliminated and exhumed from his lexicon


I shall refrain myself from treating him like a King

and will try my level best to keep his ears away

from the satanic verses of Mr. Honey Singh


I’ll teach him- ‘You must never make a girl cry,

A girl can be shy sometimes but if she says NO to you

you better not turn belligerent and ruthlessly ask her why.


Most of all I’ll teach my son to be a good human being

the one who considers women as equals, respects them

and is unlike the monsters the world is currently seeing.


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