Geometry – Inspired and instigated by nature : on my photoblog SREENIViews

Geometry is integral to Nature. Nature, in its myriad forms, has helped us understand and,evolve geometric patterns and constructs.

We, human beings, have adopted these constructs in a variety of ways –

a. Designing monuments and buildings,

b. Embellishing the mega-structures

c. The attires we sport

d. Accessorizing the looks of a human beings

d. To visual presentation of the food!

e. The dance forms mimic the natures patterns

The list is endless. Here, I try to give a form to the conceptual thought that has been lingering….

Colors of Nature

the flowery patterns of the roof interiors

Taj, Vrindavan and Fatehpur Sikri

For the complete geometric story that my brain imagined go ahead and just click.

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