TNMF evening of Opera arias, Choruses and sacred music

The Neemrana Music Foundation has been set up by Francis Wacziarg and Aman Nath of Neemrana Heritage hotels for production and promotion of western music in India, while promoting Indian Classical abroad.

TNMF keeps conducting performances regularly.

This evening saw the gifted and hardworking children of Mozart’s Children’s choir of India performing.

The opening performances by children was followed by brilliant array of singers – Divya Sahay, Kalpana Subramaniam, Madhav Raina, Tara Kumaravelu, Ramya Roy, Rajiv Khatti, Payal John; along with the amazing singers of the TNMF choir.

I commend pay tributes to Aman and Francis for creating TNMF and its contribution to Indian Performing arts has been invlauable

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