Mallika’s family portrait

Mallika's family portrait by Vasu..
Mallika’s family portrait, a photo by Vasu.. on Flickr.

Mallika’s caricature of the immediate family. She has been seeing and experiencing all of us.

Father (sreenivasan), Mother (Indira), self (Mallika), sister (Svwara);
Grandmother (Parvathi)
Uncle (satya), Aunt (Uma) and cousin (Anandita)

Mallika’s webpage

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  1. Dear Mr. Srinivasan.
    I found some of your photos of Surabhi plays on Flickr. I am a prof. in Theatre Arts at Univ. of Hyderabad and from NSd Delhi.. I am currently writing a book on Indian Theatre. May I get your permission through mail to use some of yr. photos in my book?
    Pl. reply.
    My mail id:


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