Flash Mob Phenomenon – Interestingly engaging and enlivening surprising places

I always enjoyed dancing and usually jig into an impromptu one with our daughter, Mallika, to her embarrassment some times in a busy square, auditorium or school. Music and dance can create an amazing environment that can enliven any soul. Interesting to see the chemistry within human beings change in a few seconds!

As I was doing a little bit of youtubing to figure out where and how FLASH MOB phenomenon originated, I stumbled across quite a few interesting applications. This has been a few year old phenomenon. Many times, Indian music scores were the instigators or perpetrators! I just thought of sharing.

Of course, the 26/11 soothing the city event at the Mumbai CST was covered very widely in India –

World-wide the applications of this has been immense.

Very interesting to see, introduction to anthropology classes by the professor starts with a planned choreography taking 500 students by surprise, in a University of Australia.  I thought, my kind of facilitator here. I dare more faculty to do so.

Excited to watch an interlude by students in a social studies class in the US. Thanks to the spirit of the faculty, it went of so well. Can we all as facilitators take such a welcome interludes!

The faculty and staff of this university go a step further to surprise students and parents during a Basketball game

A great way to sensitize the diversity of students on the campus of Oregon state univ by faculty and staff –

And it goes to the extent of holding the city centre for a spectacle at a traffic signal in TORONTO – Mojja hi Mojja

Perhaps one of the earliest and very interesting one at Antwerp Railway station – Do Re mei

I am sure you will find many many more. Happy dancing!!


  1. Great videos, and considerations about the compelling, unexplainable power of music–it really is kinda crazy! If you’re interested in the flash mob concept, you should check out this link to a group called the AVAdventure. They’re a start-up group from a college campus that developed a really cool story-telling model with the framework of a flashmob. While it’s still small, it’s finally making waves and gaining attention in the media!



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