Create a Business Plan for your life – Mrigank Tripathi, Founder Voicetap @ Indialogues

Mirgank, founder Voice Tap
Mirgank, founder Voice Tap
Mrigank is an entrepreneur with a background of Strategy consulting, Operations and Sales, currently running Voicetap – a startup that helps facilitate value creation for Individuals, Businesses and Telecom Operators alike.

Having attended Modern School, Barakhamba Rd, Nagpur University and INSEAD, Mrigank has grown from being an Account Executive for Text 100 in June of 1999, to being CEO and founder of his brain child ‘Voicetap Technologies’ in February 2009. The idea was conceptualized by Mrigank, and it came to him when his niece wasn’t able to ‘find anyone to talk to’, who could tell her about the various options that exist for college.

Voicetap helps people connect to experts over the mobile phone / internet to discuss any topic. It is a groundbreaking effort in Voice-based Interactive Knowledge Engine or VIKE as it is known, is a mobile-telephony based platform that helps one person connect to another person on a particular topic. They have also collaborated with Google on Getafixx.

As CEO, He has led Voicetap to win many National and International awards – including the Red Herring Global Top 100 and Nasscom Top 10, apart from being a finalist at the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona. They are now working with two operators, and have deployed path breaking products / services on them.

Mrigank is a squash fanatic, and an excellent horse rider.

We fundamentally lack one thing – a few came here and spoke, they thought about life and plan for life.

I will spell out a thing and recall the symbol of excellence for it –

Word – Symbol of excellence

Pen – Monteblanc

Cricket – Sachin

Wrist watch – Rolex

Entrepreneur – Steve jobs

Can inspirational be normal? Why Steve was inspirational?

Came out same as you and I and excelled in a way that inspired many of us.

· He tried no matter the odds
· Lived on robust ideals and a bedrock of respect
· Had his dark nights.. but never lost his confidence
· Build life around excellence
· Made choices based on his values and likes

He had answer to one big Question – Why are you here?

· My plan for life.. business plan of life

My personal Graph –

· Have family by 30
· own business by 35, by 45 into public services, more at 55
· Earning 10x, 20x, 30x by 30, 40 50
· Happiness is the constant 100

Is this what is happening life? How did it go

– a couple of times flunked in engineering
– went to Indonesia to do internship
– went through health problems
– joined a start up
– reliance was a low
– married at 28
– went to INSEAD.. high
– Joined mercer, it was ok
– Turned into entrepreneur
– voicetap happened
– nosedived confidence for a while
– now on all time high – global Red-Herring awards – youngest company
– You need to believe in yourself

Points to remember

– “if you keep believing in something, you tend to become it
– Neo, you have got to believe – Morpheus
– Your attitude towards life determines how life treats you – Earl Nightingale
– Change something, anything – Anonymous
– It is easy to make a buck. It is a lot tough to make a difference – Tom Borkow
– Through out history, there have been people who got along the path, armed with nothing but more than belief in themselves and their ideas, nothing more

How many stories will be center around me.. Go forth and multiply – Noah

Think about this big question – Why are you here..

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