Dualities – Glaring : Education Spaces of India Vs Bharat

My travels take me all over and I get to experience the contrasting India. While we hail the India Idea, the developing India, there is a great amount of work to be done in the backward Bharat. Here is a telling visual story about contrasting India Vs Bharat…

These photos are contrasted between the Madarasa for girls in Champaran, Bihar with Indus World School, Hyderabad. Even in adversity, the children in Madarasa were very involved. Over 150 girls studying under one small source of light, lit by a small lpg cylinder.

These contrasting photos are from different schools in Champaran district, Bihar. When we showed a short film on the laptop, the students were so eager to know about the contraption and much more. The curiosity is usually killed by the education system.

These two schools and classrooms are so contrasting for their abundance and barrenness. They are from Noida and Champaran respectively.

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