Dances of India – What richness!!

World Dance Day - IHC - The Exuberance That Is DanceAnanya - Justin McCarthy - 22 October 2010 (Friday)Anupriya's BharatanatyamKathak Samaroh 2010World Dance Day - Natya Vriksha Young dancers festival 2011Natya Vriksha - Women's Day
Odissi - Madhavi MudgalAnanya - Justin McCarthy - 22 October 2010 (Friday)Ananya 2010 - Odissi - day 1Ananya 2010 - Day 2 - Natya Vriksha - Geeta ChandranWorld Dance Day - IHC - The Exuberance That Is DanceNatya Vriksha - Women's Day
Parampara 2010, Natyatarangini's festivalParampara 2010, Natyatarangini's festivalKathak Samaroh 2010Ananya - Justin McCarthy - 22 October 2010 (Friday)Utsav - Dances from OrissaKathak Samaroh 2010
SNA Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2009Parampara Series - Radha Raja Reddy presentKathak Samaroh 2010Shovana Narayan - Kathak - BVB mahotsavNagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-16-01262009odissikelu-1-2009-04-07-0050

Dances of India, a set on Flickr.

Indian dance forms are rich portrayal of the history, culture and living, of our nation and also of the social context. Each form weaves the stories beautifully that are either passed on over generations, or that are carried through amazing literature – epics, upanishads, vedas etc.

Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Kuchipudi, thayyam, odissi, kathak, mohiniyattam, manipuri, chau are a few of the forms. There are scores of variants, along with other folk forms that are very prevalent.

As I enjoy watching and also dancing, I created this set of my experiences…. Keep catching here the updates as I meander through my journey of soul searching and visual treats..

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