New Age schools and children – Alphabets : A-Apple, B-Bluetooth, C-Chat,…

Alphabets and New Age mappings

I was walking through the corridor of a school and I noticed this Alphabet mapping board.  It is no more A-for Apple, B for ball,….. guess what.  It is:

A for Apple, B-Bluetooth, C-Chat, D-download, E-Email, F-Facebook, G-Google, H-HP, I-iphone, j-java, k-kingston, L-laptop, M-messenger, N-Nero, O-Orkut, P-Picassa, Q-quick heal, R-Ram, S-Server, T-Twitter, U-USB, V-Vista, W-WiFi, X-XP, Y-Youtube, Z-Zorpia


Was talking to niece, Nandulu (Anandita). Was sharing that when we were in school and college, we did not have any of these at home : mixie, refrigerator, television, microwave etc. Nanduulu immediately responded, “So you went to canteen every day?”


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