Impacting society (radio, mobile):Readings to introspect for the day – 120511

Can India rise up through radio?

Pioneering broadcasters use mobile phones and creative programming to push the limits of India’s ban on news radio.

Interesting issues dealt with in this Pull in Radio station –  CGnet Swara is a platform to discuss issues related to Central Gondwana region in India. To record a message please call on (080) 4113 7280.

Dabba Radio is India’s first independent news radio network. We create great shows on a range of important topics: from news, politics, and current events to food, art, music, and culture. We then disseminate these shows over as many mediums as possible, including cell phones, internet streaming, and podcasts. Named after the eight-sigma dabbawalas of mumbai.

By going mobile, developing world leaps ahead

Commentary: Networks, devices will change way business is done; India, China and Africa will lead the growth of the world economy!!

Gramin Radio Inter Networking System v0.3

If you want to set up a radio station, here you may find good info and advise…

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