Cricket binds India, India binds Cricket…

Whenever self-belief reined supreme, and one has lead by example, success has always followed.

When it comes to successes, nothing has bound India as much has the achievements on the field of Cricket…. Indian cricket has never been the same again, since the Kapil’s Devils conquered the Lords in 1983; then followed Ravi Shastri driving away the Audi as champion of Champions in 1985, Melbourne, Australia.

All these inspired a young school lad from Mumbai, who at the age of 16, got noticed for his heroics on the cricket field and was catapulted into the national team – Sachin. He strode the cricket world like a callouses for the last 22 years, still as enthusiastic, bubbly and focused as ever.

There walked Saurav Ganguly, who infused the self-belief and in-the-face-attitude into the cricket team, while being at the helm of Indian cricket for few years. One of youngsters to walk into his team in 2004 was Mahindra Singh Dhoni (MSD), who was ear-marked from his early days to be the leader of the young India pack. In 2007 this young lad, with ‘cool as cucumber’ and steely attitude, took the mantle of the captaincy to transform the pack into world beaters in every continent.

Here is a quick tribute to the game of cricket and all the cricketers who have made Cricket a binding force… We see the champions and the nation in action!!

2011: Mahi Way : World Cup victory – dedicated to the champion : India wins for Tendulkar. “Sachin carried the burden (expectations) of the nation on his shoulders for the last 22 years, today we wanted to carry him on our shoulders,” a telling statement by Virat Kohli, another youngster on the firmament of Indian cricket who seems to be already shouldering the nation’s expectations and for sure will be there for years to come.

1989: Tendulkar’s first interview, just when he was picked to don the India colors…. DD days

Tendulkar, as a 10 year old, got inspired watching the Dare Devils winning the world cup to jump into cricket headlong…

1983: Kapil’s Devils : World cup victory that infused self-confidence into the Indian Psyche, Indian Cricket has never been the same again; It was the era of Doordarshan

Kapil’s Catch that changed the Indian Cricket

1985: Champion of champions, Ravi Shastri – Further gave boost to the Indian self-confidence
Not able to find the link on Youtube.

2007: Yuvi’s Six sixes – India T-20 champions

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  1. same feeling Sreeni sir. what a comment Kohli made, really left all of us including Nasser Hussain dumbstruck…what a victory, what a team effort…privileged to witness 2 World Cup winning Indian sides, good to be old for once. am beaming.


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