IWS moves to next orbit – HDFC takes STAKE in CLEIS, a division of Career Launcher

Last three weeks has seen me traveling non-stop across India. In between have had a few interactions with Satya, who shared about the possibility of signing this deal pretty soon during the last board meeting. I read about the news on my mobile, in the article forwarded by Aditya Lohana. I just got a breather today when I landed from Varanasi, to read the entire article in Economic Times on the web. It is a wonderful news, a welcome news!!

HDFC, housing development and finance corporation, made the much awaited foray into the field of education by taking a minor stake in Career Launcher promoted school division, CLEIS, that runs Indus World School chain. The child and learner centric schools, which have been exciting children, parents and families alike, in over a couple of dozen cities and towns, to create stimulating learning environments for stoking joy, inquisitiveness and curiosity finally excited HDFC too.

Economic Times covers the “HDFC investment in Education – Indus World School journey of Career Launcher”

HDFC invests in School Division of Career Launcher that runs Indus World Schools
Indus World Schools take a BIG LEAP, click for readable version

Story in Economic Times

Story in Business Standard

Satya’s Blog on the collective dream of HDFC and CL

While reading Satya’s blog, I recalled the making of the first IWSs at Hyderabad and Indore – the shilanyas, the workshops for parents that we had almost every day, the running around to see the progress of the construction; the flights between Hyderabad and Indore; the seven stage recruitment process unveiled with a momentous presentation to over four hundred teachers assembled at the Planetarium in Hyderabad; the subsequent induction, training; the admission workshops; the first day at schools, the struggles and travails of the mentors, the hurrays and successes, the hosannas and bouquets..

IWS and Career Launcher owe to every individual from within and without – CLites to Col. Mowar to many educationists, mentors, IWSians – who have contributed to the cause. Since then, IWS has moved to various locations, with many many more jumping on to espouse the cause, embracing the vision and values that we hold dear to our heart. Most of the champions are taking the movement to its next phase, and those who had to move for compulsions beyond, are still well wishers of the movement. I am sure they will continue to contribute in one way or the other.

I salute to each one of you who has made this happen. We have done quite a few wonderful things, we did commit big mistakes too. But each one has been worth its weight in gold, as we learn and explore. The IWS journey has just begun in its next orbit and we have a long long way to go.

The other journey – IWSB journey (Indus World School of Business, http://www.iwsb.in) – to stoke entrepreneurial spirit among youth, that began in 2008, continues to chug along. These two years have been very exhilarating. With eminent management guru and thinker, Prof Ishwar Dayal, accepting our request to give shape to the curriculum and pedagogy, with the faith and fervor of all CLites, with the enthusiasm and passion of all faculty, with the gritty and determined students setting out to push their limits and realizing their dreams, the going has been great.

This years run to reach out to the world began in August and is on in full swing. After three weeks and 20 destinations in the current run – Patna-Ranchi-Kolkata-Delhi-Rohtak-Chandigarh-Ludhiana-Jalandhar-Ludhiana-Delhi-Ahmedabad-Rajkot-Ahmedabad-Delhi-Hissar-Roorkee-Dehradun-Delhi-Varanasi-Delhi – almost every day at a different city, sleeping in one and waking up in another – I am at home today!! On one of the occasions in between, I had to ask Indira and Mallika to meet me in Connaught Place, New Delhi, before I boarded the other train!! Thanks to their support, I have been able to do this hop-skip-jump schedule.

The journey, to see IWSB emerge as one of the top B-Schools of India, and certainly the number ONE destination for entrepreneurial leadership in India. continues with the support of each of the CLite and well wisher. I am sure we will take bigger leaps and rewrite history of B-Schools in INDIA.

Love and wishes to all who are making this journey of ours a wonderful one.


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