Think Big, Start Small

Why MBA? This dreadful question flummoxes many of you, though you have put in your best efforts at CAT, XAT etc and you have been dreaming of getting into a good B-School. You keep wondering what is a good, convincing answer to it – “If I have not thought about it, or am not convinced, how the hell do I convince the selection panel”!!

Many want to do MBA because it is the ‘in thing’. Some one in the know has done it; father or an uncle wants you to do it because it ‘pays you well’, ‘It gets you a job at a large MNC’.

The session – Think Big, Start Small – is meant for each one of you to discover, how an MBA can really empower you and what you can make out of it.  Sreeni, with his intense, lively and motivational ways, takes you through many a real life example (interesting yet powerful movies), to help you discover –

  • What you should do an MBA for?
  • What you can really achieve with your MBA, and
  • how you can be a much sought-after young entrepreneurially oriented business leader that the industry and world is looking for

You will also get answers to quite a few significant questions –

  • Where are the returns really high? Is it in a large multinational organization or a young and fast growing outfit?
  • Would you like to be a drop in a large ocean or create a niche for yourself quickly?
  • Where will you get greater responsibility and freedom?
  • Where will I get more opportunities to learn?
  • Where will your work gets recognized and rewarded faster?
  • If I want to be my own master, how do I go about?
  • How do I get an idea to pursue?
  • How to convert my idea into a viable business proposition?
  • How do I raise funds to grow? Who will fund?

Once you get answers to these, you can really figure out which B-School to go for, how to chart out your path during the two years of MBA and beyond.

Do not miss this life changing session!

The shorter version, last years, of this presentation is here –

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