Entrepreneurial Boot Camp @ IWSB – E-Boot Camp 2010, Dec 04

Entrepreneurial journey is seen by IWSB as a deep inside-out journey. It’s a journey, which entails manifestation of individual experience sharing as pedagogy to understand and gain from individual entrepreneurial path.

E-Bootcamp (Entrepreneurship Boot Camp) as a concept emerges from the core of IWSB philosophy to provide entrepreneurial leadership in the ever-changing world.

E-Bootcamp 2010 brings together aspiring entrepren…eurs with their Business Ideas, Inspiring Entrepreneurial Mentors who have themselves created outstanding businesses, and investors – Angel investors and venture capitalists who have helped ideas transform into businesses.

Key Objective: The event will create a strong experience sharing platform and inspire development for entrepreneurship enthusiasts. The event will further enable real and physical connect with select opinion leaders.

Interact with VC and Fund leaders who, put together, have:

* Invested over Rs 3000 crores,
* Manage funds that are over Rs 20,000 crores,
* Invested in over 300 companies and seen 50 of them to IPO over the past 30 years!

Get inspired from entrepreneurs who have over:

* 150 years of entrepreneurial experience between them,
* built company size of Rs 3000 crores and
* a market capitalization or valuation of over Rs 15,000 crores!

Invitee List: E-BootCamp:*

Fund Heads:

Mr. Siddharth Nautilya (Bessemer Venture Partners)
Mr. Parag Dhol (Inventis)
Mr. Gagan (Accel)
Mr. Sanjeev (Helion)
Mr. Vivek Bihani
Mr. T V Sunil (IVF)
Mr. Viju George (Edelweiss)
Mr. Balraj
Mr. Sandeep (Lumis Partners)


Mr. Vimalendu Verma (Magic Soft)
Mr. Girish Batra (Net Ambit)
Mr. Vivek Agarwal (Liqvid)
Mr. Deep Kalra (MMT)
Mr. Ashish Rajpal (i discover i)
Mr. Sanjeev Bikchandani (Infoedge)
Mr. Pradeep Gupta ( Cyber Media)
Mr Shantanu Prakash (Educomp)
Mr Satya Narayanan R (Career Launcher)

*A few confirmed,confirmation awaited from others

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, micro-entrepreneur, academician or a professional, join us at IWSB on Dec 4th 2010 and feel the exhilaration of being with practicing entrepreneurs and investors in the day long Bootcamp focused on ‘Entrepreneurship’

Investment for personal growth (Participation Fees):

Students : Rs. 500/-
Academicians : Rs. 750/-
Working professionals/Micro-Entrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs : Rs. 1000/-

To register kindly login to http://www.iwsb.in/ebootcamp (will be open by Nov 22nd noon)

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