IWSB stoking Entrepreneurial Spirit – A letter from Jayesh (pg11)

Dear Friends,

IWSB (www.iwsb.in), true to its belief in facilitating entrepreneurial spirit, has been able to trigger and ignite a few of our students to jump headlong into their dream enterprises. We have had half a dozen of them who have espoused entrepreneurship after finishing their course, but also have had a few who jumped after their first year, both from pg10 and pg11 batches.

Jayesh, a PG11 student, who took his leap a few months ago, has sent a mail sharing his journey with the dream project… Though, I was a little disheartened that he was in a hurry to jump even before he gained a few more insights into creating lasting ventures by completing the PGPM programme, I think we all can be proud of his journey.

Let us give him a big hand!

Explore and enjoy!

Love and wishes,


———- Forwarded message ———-

Hi Sreeni,

I accept its sometime now after your advice that day about entrepreneurship. I still remember you said if this is what interests you rather than looking for any company to work for, go live the life of an entrepreneur; join your friend and try to create something.

I am happy to write something like this to you and hope you are the best person who could appreciate it.

I am doing well, right now am with Bhuved solutions private Ltd(www.bhuved.com) as VP Systems , Our company is started by one of my schoolmates after his graduation from IIM-A, so we are basically teamed up right now.

I wanted to draft this mail some time back but had some work to be done on the product side. Actually it gives me a lot of pleasure in introducing the launch of BLIS (Bhuved Land Information System) http://www.bhuved.in

About Product:
Land information system helps in understanding the existing land condition and future development of the area as planned by government development authority the information which can useful for builders, developer and constructions related business.
It follows Software as a Service concept. It runs on our server and users can log in to see the vital information.

Other Product Updates:

We also have built an ERP for mining industry which includes best choice of supplier information, billing, inventory management modules giving comprehensive site management capabilities.
We have installed it successfully at the client side.

The New IIM-A site we built, would be on web shortly.

Our Core Competencies:

· GIS any query regarding land (CRZ clearance for companies, Land use and cover, Study of the altitude of the land)
· Management Consulting.
· Application development on Open Source Platform with linux ,php,mysql base
· Website hosting, few sites we built: http://www.cuppax.in,www.saledekho.com,www.nativekonbac.com

I wanted to give you the updates about things happening on my side so I wrote about the products and competencies we developed.

Sreeni,your feedback about our new product launch (www.bhuved.in) would be very valuable.
We have just started the Sales and Distribution of the product,its just in inception phase so am trying to be humble enough right now.

Not an out of this world thing but definitely something worth sharing :-).

Sir ,I will await your reply.

Jayesh Suri
PG 11.
Looking forward to your feedback


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