Let us restore the Jannat. Let the heaven thrive : Kashmir

It is indeed sad to see so many lives being lost. The real players behind the scene are enjoying their hot cup of Kahwa in their cozy cottage…on either side of the fence…

Where all these things are heading to?

I have traveled enough in Kashmir to know what the common man on the ground needs, what the youth is looking for in Inderhama outside Srinagar, what the lady in Khumriyal, Kupwara aspires for her son or daughter, what the girl I met in Anatnag wants do in Life, what is to lose the husband or a son, how does it feel to be labelled as a ‘terrorist’, how the ‘terrorist’ saw the other side of the fence, and how he experienced sneaking in and out, what the life out there was…… how does he survive as a taxi driver now, how his family lives now, what do they see as their future after he has joined mainstream….what six months of winter means for livelihood, how do the gentry go from Ladakh to different part of India to gain more…

I have interacted enough with the stonepelters and rioters, I have interacted enough with those we became victims of the leaders who induce them to do it…

Have seen enough what the forward looking and hardworking Kashmiri really doing; His way of contributing to the betterment of Kashmir even after recovering from the riddled bullets of a ‘terrorist’, I have seen and interacted while everything else is happening outside…

What do we really want at the end of the day?

We need freedom to think, freedom to do, we need opportunities to create opportunities, to realize our dreams and enjoy with the family and well wishers at the end of the day…

What do we need to do?

There are many who want to bring a change, who want to see a better tomorrow…. these things are never achieved through stones and bullets… It can happen only if every leader and common man like you and me do not pour emotions out, not talk about vengeance …sit and think what is good and how do we go about it…

Positive outlook and thinking is the starting point….

I love Kashmir. I am keen that every Kashmiri youth, every boy and girl shines out there in the world, everyone contributes back to the well being of every other Kashmiri as every Indian is doing…

Let us all together make it happen,


Kashmir : http://www.flickr.com/photos/sreenivasan/sets/72157623734915410/

Ladakh : http://www.flickr.com/photos/sreenivasan/sets/72157620501037091/

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