We will miss you CKP!

We lost a great mentor in the sudden demise of Prof C K Prahalad. Apart from being a thinker to the world who has been able to see a few years ahead into the changes that will impact the global economy, CKP as we call him, has been a great mentor to the entire CL team. There have been numerous occasions where we had interaction with him and on one such occassion in June 2006, he spent the whole evening with the CL team. Our vision for schools and especially the BOP schools emerged from interactions with him and his mentoring. With fond memories I retrieve these photos from our school album of IWS Hyderabad, our first school endeavour, where he spent time with children on the occasion of the first dedication day of the school.

Prof C K Prahalad being welcomed by the children of IWSB, Hyderabad; Satya and Sreeni escorting CKP.
Prof CK Prahalad with children of IWS, Hyderabad. June 2006

Dear CKP – We will continue to be inspired by your thoughts and we dedicate ourselves to realize all ideas we have been discussing with you. God bless on you onward journey! Love, Sreeni

One comment

  1. It’s really wonderful to see this pics of CKP with the children of IWS. And congrats to you and team in giving the vision of CKP a pratical shape. You walk the talk!



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