Common Wealth….. games and arts of living !

This evening when I was about to exit home, five youngsters made their way into the home, confidently smiling, seeking five minutes of our time! They proudly shared a common philosophy…following ‘Art of Living’. The agenda shared was “Art of Living with a few big corporates and personalities is launching ‘Clean Yamuna’ project on March 16th, for Common Wealth Games!”, and they also invited us for a Satsang in the neighbourhood park to awaken everyone for the cause. It is a welcome project indeed, alas commonwealth games bugle has woken a few youngsters and others too (CSR is the name for many corporates!)

Couple of thoughts that struck me while listening to them and I shared with them –

a. There are so many ‘common wealth’ of the public that each one of us hardly bother about every day – following traffic rules, waste disposal, noise pollution, defacing the walls, safe guarding public transport (buses, trains..).. the list can go on and on. All these violations by us – literates (not educated definitely) and significantly by youth who are flaunting pulsars and endeavors, biscuits and cigarettes, graffiti and confetti and, adrenaline and progesterone!!

b. Can each one of us care about these in our daily life, just being silent contributors every day. Let us not wait for a Game or a Swami to initiate the one week drive!! Let us not get carried away by the banners and hoardings thrust by the CSR crusaders! Let us just be ‘socially aware, conscious and a contributor’ every day of our living, day in day out.

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