Social Media behemoths leading the world towards anarchy and civil wars? Decide…

“The Social Dilemma” on Netflix

The social Dilemma – courtesy Netflix

This film has people who have created engines running behind the social media behemoths. So, straight from horses mouth! A must watch for every teacher and a parent. Kindly share to as many parental groups. Families sitting with their teen children to watch will have a good outcome

An IIM Alum parent asked me, without watching the program, when I shared in a group…

Okay… essentially the same stuff which our parents told about TV to us, now we can tell about social media to our kids ?

my response –

TV is a passive medium. The social media is a highly psychologically manipulative medium, based on the individuals interactions, responses and activities ! Every move being tracked, data used, profiles built, moves charted, person chased….

Kindly do not brush aside. A very serious issue staring at us …. youth being pushed into depression, suicides… Nations pushed into civil wars and anarchy…

Every individual is being exploited….

A simple example is people upload photos and keep checking how many shares and likes…stokes self-esteem….

We all know what Cambridge analytics, FB etc have been able to do in the recent past…across the world and India too….

This film has got numerous people who have designed AI, Machine learning, deep learning tools and engines behind the SM superapps, who have quit after seeing the manipulative pursuits of the very tools meant for bonding…. being put to unethical use…

Most of the people who have designed the tools have a ‘No Screen’ policy at their home for their children till 17-18 age

Here I am going to add links to deeper articles from more people…

A BuzzFeed article, “I have blood on my hands”, by a FB whistleblower, Ms Sophie Zhang

That film and every article is adding up alot, even for one like me who has been in tech space for 35 years, and my desertation work in MTech was in AI, 30 years ago….

Just watch with the children at home. No need to tell or pontificate. The story line is interleaved with realistic interviews…the children will get deep insights and sure they will at least be cautious..


  1. My group of students & me learn academics together online…& Travel nearby places two days a week on bicycle. It’s get together with social distancing. Sometimes we carry educational programs,videos & animations to cater to school going children of colleges. Take a lunch with them,sometimes from us,sometimes from them. We watch farming,help & enjoy. Only Sunday we watch TV with family.


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