Metro – Transforming Delhi

After all the bad news in the last fortnight about accidents at the various metro cites in Delhi, a good news comes commuters way. NOIDA LINE on trial and I am sure much before the scheduled date in November, NOIDA would have come a lot closer to Connaught Place, time-wise. This small piece is about how I experienced the transformation of Delhi due to Metro.

Delhi Saviour - Metro
Delhi Saviour - Metro

I stay at Sarita Vihar in South Delhi. I had a motivational date with BBA aspirants at Pritampura and the session was scheduled at 10am. It was already 8:40am and I had to hit the road from home. On asking for advise from a few of my friends about how to reach Pritampura in time, I was advised to reach the nearest metro station and hop onto metro line to catch with my schedule. I hit the road and proceeded towards Ashram. I thought, at the spur of the moment, about heading all the way by road. Took left, crossed Lajpat Nagar, South Ex, AIIMS, Bhikaji Cama, Dhaula Kuan… I was beating my expectations.. When I reached Naraina, I got stuck for a good 5-7 minutes to cross the narrow fly-over construction site.. Once I crossed it, I was again zooming…panjabi bagh…finally the turn towards Pritampura..and by the time I parked the CAR, it was 9:20am. In just 40 minutes, I reached my destination !! I was shocked… Thanks to Metro, the traffic on Delhi roads, even at peak hours, has dramatically reduced in the last couple of years.

The Metro Warriors
The Metro Warriors

A couple of days later, I was very confident of reaching Rajouri Garden in half-an-hour and indeed I reached very comfortably. With so many new lines of metro to be unveiled in the next one year or so, we are certainly in for a Delhi that is less polluted and less congested ! Thanks to Mr. Sreedharan and his warriors.

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