Wonderful experience at IWSB

Welcome to IWSB
Welcome to IWSB
I wrote a mail to the whole of IWSB (indus world school of business, http://www.iwsb.in) family a couple of days ago because I felt compelled to do so. I happened to have an informal interaction for over an hour with the new first year students of the MBA programme (PGP-I) and the response was inspiring. I shared those responses with the faculty and I felt like sharing it here too for creating such an environment at IWSB –

The statements of the students included –

a. The atmosphere is very informal and friendly.
b. Learning is given importance and we are feeling like learning.
c. ID, Shom and every faculty, in spite of what all they have achieved in life, make us feel at home and behave like we are friends. (calling everyone by first name has endeared them)
Sunil Sangra, one of the professors, figured very prominently and each one had a lot to share about his interactions during the selection process as he was chairing the process. They see the institution as an extension of what they saw in Sunil- friendly, open, facilitating and mentoring.
d. Nowhere we have seen such an institution where every individual is respected and paid attention to.
e. I had initial doubts when we were only a few of us, but the experience of the last two weeks says that I have taken the best decision in life.
f. Though I was in an institute that is competition to Career Launcher, I only heard good things about IWSB even from the people working with the competition. My experience here proves and shows why they have such a respect for IWSB.

I asked about their seniors (PGP-II), the responses were –

1. They are friends and never behave as if they are seniors. They help us feel at home.
2. It looks like they came here one year before us, just to make our life comfortable.

It reflects the kind of culture each one has been contributing in the process of evolution of the institution. I am really proud to be a member of the IWSB family.


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