Writing an SOP!

Can we have a session on how to write an SOP? I am worried about it!

Most aspirants wish to know how to write, even before knowing what and why!!

First, do you have reasonable clarity about your purpose, Vision for life and goals 2025, 2030?

Then only you will be able to ‘roll in the future’ and write a SOP! That’s why it is called STATEMENT OF PURPOSE!

UNLESS you do not have conviction in your Purpose of life, and how you are going to work towards realizing that purpose and vision, achieve your set goals for reasonable future, in that process how does this MBA play the role, how will you put SOP on paper?

The interview panel shall probe deeper into a lot of stuff around SOP. Kindly think through as much as you can…

If you have great clarity about your purpose, you will convert the interview into an engaging interaction, as you will have a lot of knowledge and conviction about your path ahead and the contexts the world will through at you….

Writing SOP is not about HOW to write, it is all about WHY !!

Hope you have gone through…

A. The session on Purpose, Vision and Goal setting….

B. Read the article of IKIGAI, a few times, got clarity on how to go about identifying your purpose..

C. “What I love doing, and What I am really good at”, have helped you map the, “What the world needs”, “what the world can pay for”?

D. Narrowed down the sectors / industries that your Purpose and Vision guides, and your abilities and skill-sets – “Love to do, Good at” – help you excel and impact..

E. Do research on those Sectors / industries, how are they going to evolve in the next 5-10 years…. Technological explosion will not leave anything untouched…

F. Ask what more capabilities you need to acquire, sharpen to excel in the changing scenario ..

G. Now, know the institution thoroughly, that you are writing the SOP for. Read the website, to understand about the institution, faculty, courses that are going to help you realize your Purpose, Vision, Goals. What role they can play…

H. Now that you know the institution well, ask yourself what all ways you can contribute to that institution, with your “loves” and “goods”

I. When all these are clear, I am sure you can write your SOP, folding your future in, addressing the very fundamental questions –

  • Why MBA?,
  • Why my institution?

So the SOP is not about how to write, it is all about Why!!

Have you go clarity about all WHYs !!

I would love to hear, your WHY! Share!!

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