Interview Prep Series : Why having clarity of purpose of life, followed by Vision for foreseeable future are important

I am writing this article, mindful of all the experiences I have had and the impact I have caused in my journey of life.

It is still vivid in my memory, the impact left on IIMB interview panel when I was an aspirant to get in, and how IIMB fraternity still remembers me, after 25 years, for the contribution I made on the campus…and a few professors and even directors became my friends, who drop in to our home even now…

….and more vivid the placement procéss at IIMB, how I got into SONY Corporation, how I got invited for a dinner before interview, how I compelled SONY to pay me 50% more than any other person they recruited that year. And then as corollary, how the training period was reduced to make me EA to the Head of programming and production of their entertainment channel…..

And I can narrate many more stories….

In September every year, before the summer placements in B-Schools, I reiterate to students who are sitting for their summer internship interviews …..

Dear Friends, for your summers…

You need to have the clarity of the following…

A. Your Purpose and Vision for life
B. Values you hold close to heart
C. Goals for the next 5-10 years for self – which industry you wish to be in
D. where does the industry/company fit in the scheme of things
E. What do you know about the Industry/company
F. what special do you bring to the table.
G. What vision do you have for the company and the profile…
H. What impact you can cause to the fellow champs in the company

You can get into any company and any profile you want to be in. Everything boils down to the clarity you have about your purpose, vision, passions and perseverance…


Is this advisory only relevant for students who are in a B-School or Law School or Tech School?

No, this is all the more important for one who is aspiring to get into a program at any of the aforesaid schools, Business, law or Tech.

Having the clarity will help you to…

A. Have immense confidence as you are purposefully pursuing your dreams.

Visualizé how you will….

B. Enter the interview room and greet the panel with that confidence

C. Create curiosity among the panelists, with the clarity of purpose and knowledge, when they ask, “Why MBA? Why Law? Why AI? Why Automobile industry?

D. Convert the interview into an engaging discussion with fellow panelists. It will no more be an interview as you will make yourself equal, make the panelists part of the discussion, with the curiosity you generate among them, with your deep knowlege that you bring into the space.

E. Emerge out of the interview room with an assurance, subtly indicated, from the panel that they want you at any cost to be part of their campus, at the institution or company.

I am sharing a video, wherein I have tried to explain the significance of having a purpose for life. Giving simple daily life examples of certain contexts, how having a vision and goal, spurs each one of us to be purposeful toward realizing those goals. The way having a goal works in daily life, similarly having a purpose for life, creating timely vision and goals facilitate us to accomplish the tasks effectively. This is the next episode in the “Awakening The Self” Series, focused on Purpose and Vision.

I have already recorded the follow up videos to this video, covering…

  • Why having contextual knowledge of the world is important to creating your vision and goals
  • Creating your Meaningful Purpose : More important is to understand self – IKIGAI – what I love doing, what I am good at, what the world needs, and what the world can pay for your knowledge, abilities and skillsets
  • Once you identify your purpose for life and create your vision, how do you “Build your Profile”
  • God lives in Execution. How do you manage your time effectively to impact your execution.

All these videos of this series are available on platform of CL students who enroll for any programme any career progression.

The personalized mentoring program, PDP Personalized, goes beyond these wherein mentors handhold every enrolled youth to work on these lines to create the “LIGHTHOUSE” VISION for oneself, that can stand the test of times. Once the individual gains the conviction in one’s LIGHTHOUSE, that itself will guide one to make choices to realize the purpose of life, keep accomplishing his or his vision with passion and perseverance.

Let me share that, every year, there are many many who arrive at their own purpose and vision for life through attitude and work ethic, and with that conviction, inspire the IIM Interview panels and sail into their dream B-school!

How does it happen? through personal mentoring that they receive through seasoned mentors of eminence, at various CL Centres, who themselves are on their path to realizing their own infinite potential. In the process they facilitate youth to realize theirs.

All this happens, every year, under the program called Personality Development Program (PDP PDP Personalized) of CL, which is a trade-mark program of Career Launcher. This program is all about facilitating an individual evolve into a purposeful, passionate, persevering person who knows what he wants out of his own life. This program any way facilitates you to crack your mundane goal of cracking GDPI. Helps you go beyond the goal of, “Kisi tarah main IIM mein ghus jaoon”, “Somehow I have to enter the IIM”

Since the aspirants gain confidence through mentoring, in their own capabilities and skill-sets, in what they love to do, what they are good at, during PDPP they create their purpose for life, their IKIGAI, and prepare so thoroughly that the interview panels are left with no choice but to invite them to be part of the institution for the next two years.

You will find many stories here, on this very website of mine, of youth who have created their purpose of life and conviction, and went to conquer the IIMs, XLRI…and there on conquered the world too…

CL can proudly list as its alum, a few hundred CXOs of today, who have been in the classrooms of CL in 1990s and 2000s, who all identified their purpose of life during the PDP program at CL, and went on to chase their dreams and make it happen.

Click here to read about a few FINAL CALL GETTERS and Achiever stories in these lists, as they shared with me, how they went about working on arriving at their Purpose of LIFE, Vision and how they converted their IIM / XLRI / FMS interviews..

God bless!

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