“Sorry, I Stole Your Car” – A short humane story!

This incredible short story is from Ukraine-Russia war zone. “Sorry, I stole your car. Saved my family!” – said a resident of Kyiv.

I left the bomb shelter and saw a car with keys in the ignition near the store. I watched it for two hours, waited for the owner – I didn’t wait. I took my family, got in the car and drove to Vinnitsa to visit relatives.

I found a phone number in the glove compartment and called the owner:

“Sorry, I stole your car. Saved my family”.

He replied “Thank God, don’t worry, I have 4 cars. I took my family out in my jeep. The rest of the cars I filled with fuel and left in different places with the keys in the ignition and the number in the glove compartment. I received calls back from all cars. There will be peace – see you. Take care of yourself!”

Kindness does survive in this world!

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