The last 48 hours… bring the best ! You can.


You all have done what needs to be done. Now…

time to relaaaaaax….

Go to bed now. Wake up early in the morning!

Go for a 5 km walk early morning tomorrow. Build calmness, patience and stamina…

Meditate with nature, in a park after the walk.

Get fresh air….listen to the chirping of the birds….inhale the smell of wet mud…the fragrance of the flowers …..

Makes you look at the whole thing in a different perspective…

Keep everything aside… Let the next 48 hours be only of positivity….

Positivity thoughts —>
Positive language –>
Purposeful Action –>
Affirmative Results –>
Skyward Confidence –>
Reinforces Positivity –>

The cycle is an upward spiral… Always be on such….

Think about all the successes you have had in life…think about how you went about giving your best….

Next 24 hours, relish your being….Indulge in your being !

Pick your passions, the energizers that you always relished…invest a few hours..whether music, dance, watching a movie, going to your favourite eatery with family.. ….to a stroll at a shopping mall with your friend…. to a place of worship….

Relaaaax the next 24 hours….

By tomorrow evening, the evening before the D-Day, get everything in place…get to bed early. Have a good night sleep…

Make sure you reach the centre early, at least an hour before the schedule time….

Find a place, tranquil and serene, meditate, focus on how you will execute….how you will make the most of the next 3 hours …

If you are playing any game or sport, you focus on the next ball, next move, next minute action; though you have the BIG PICTURE and goal in mind…you never are bothered about the result….

CAT is just another game. Enjoy the game. Just give your best.


Believe. Strive. Thrive.

God bless!

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