Training at a Private Hospital in India! A humorous take!!

Here is a humorous take on how Private Hospitals in India takes a patient and his family for a ride! I thought of blogging that came my way….An Indian left his job in India and joined a salesman’s job in a big departmental store in Canada!!

On the first day, the Indian worked with full vigour.

At 6 pm…..

*Boss* :- “How much of sales did you do on the first day?”

*Indian* : “Sir, I attended to 1 Sales call.”

*Boss* : “Only 1 sale the whole day? Usually every salesman here does 20 to 30 Sale transactions a day. Well, tell me what is the  value of your today’s one sale?”

*Indian* : “$93300….!”

*Boss* : “What?? Unbelievable! But how did you do that?”

*Indian* : “Sir, 1 customer came in and I sold him a small fishing hook. Then a mazola and then finally sold a big hook. Then I sold him 1 big fishing rod and some fishing gear…”

“Then I asked him where does he go to catch fish and he said to the coastal area….”

“Then I said to him that he would need a boat. So I took him down to the boat department and sold him a 20 ft double engine scooner boat.”

“When he said the boat won’t come in his Volkas Wagon, I took him to the auto mobile section and sold him the new Deluxe 4 x 4 blazer to carry the boat.”

“And when I asked him where he would be going fishing ???  He didn’t plan anything. So I took him to the camping section and sold him a six sleeper camper tent.”

“And then he took groceries worth  $ 200  and 2 cases of beer….!”

*Now the boss took 2 steps back and asked* :- “You sold all this to a person who came just to buy only 1 fish hook???”

*Indian* : “NO, SIR… He actually came in to Buy 1 Tablet For his Headache…. *I explained to him that ‘Fishing’is the Best Way to Get Rid of Headaches!!”*

*Boss* : “Where did you work before ???”

*Indian* : “I was a PRO in a private hospital in India. For any patient who would come in for any *’Minor Complaint’*, we get the Patient Tested for Pathology, ECO, ECG, TMT, CT SCAN, X-Ray, MRI etc.”

*Boss* : “Will You please sit in my chair?. I shall go to India and join a Private Hospital for Training.”


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