TYE 2021 – Young entrepreneurs inspire!

What a morning it has been to be part of the TIE JURY, listening to the business pitch of seven teams of young entrepreneurial aspirants, all studying in school, classes 9-12! It was indeed inspiring! I learnt a lot from each of the business ideas, the way they went about sharing… Very refreshing indeed!

About TYE:

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a Global Initiative by TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, fostering future generation of entrepreneurs by teaching high school students the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. With a unique and interactive approach towards learning, the curriculum enrols students from various high schools in Delhi-NCR. The students are enrolled for classroom interaction for a span of 8 weeks conducted online this year and are mentored by TiE Charter members and members who come from the emerging businesses background. At the end of each batch the selected teams participate in TYE Global Business Plan where they get a chance to win $15K worth of cash and kind awards.

This year TIE had an enthusiastic batch of over 50 students participating in the TYE program. The students were divided into groups and there were 7 teams who competed at the Regional Business Plan competition, this morning. The winning team will represent TiE Delhi at the TYE Global Finals.


I learnt from every fellow jury member, how they went about asking questions pertinent to the business. With so many examples of various businesses, business models, competitors…

Jury panel:

  • Anat Bernstein Reich, President TiE Israel & Chairperson, India Chamber of Commerce
  • Nitesh Jain, Founder & CEO, BeSingular
  • Rashi Narang, Founder, Heads Up For Tails
  • Sreenivasan R, Co-founder, Career Launcher & Chief Incubation Officer/ Chief Customer Service Officer, CL Educate Ltd.
  • Vinod Sood, Managing Director & Co-founder, Hughes Systique Corporation
  • Jitin Chawla, eminent career consultant

The TYE program in Delhi is anchored by TIE team that includes Shaila Prabhu, shaila@delhi.tie.org, Pallavi Jana pallavi@delhi.tie.org. Those students who are interested to be part of such future programs can email them at their email ids.

I always wonder about the enthusiasm and energy Rimy Oberoi brings to any activity she does. Rimy is the Founder, CEO of Oysterlearning and is the chairperson of TYE this year. I have known her for a couple of decades now and it is always a blessing to have her around, especially as a mentor, facilitator for scores of young entrepreneurial aspirants.

The seven teams presented business plans from a variety of areas including

A. A bot for bettering the virtual classroom / sessions

B. Healthcare sector, a kit for immediate needs for health and wellness

C. An audio solution for soulfulness and spiritual wellness

D. Auto care, servicing at home

E. Empowering youth with knowledge of finance and investing

F. Revolutionizing access to gaming world

G. A solution for easing crowding at eating joints and timely servicing

Loved listening to each team, their ideas, business models, plans, execution plan, and more importantly, a lot to learn from how they presented and how they went about defending their ideas against the barrage of questions emanating from the Jury!

Well done my dear youngsters!!

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