Discrimination – A teacher’s endeavour to help children understand

In these days of racism and discrimination that we come across, everywhere, here is a wonderful video I came across on the whatsapp. One of the few videos worth preserving.

A real eye opener not only for every child in the class, I am sure it will be for each one of us who goes through the video completely.

This is one of the great methods to employ in the classroom, to engage children, through a natural process of facilitating the children observe, introspect and learn. The circle time employed in a few schools, where children are encouraged to speak and share their challenges, happy times and sad times, giving feedback and taking feedback, does have a deep impact on every child, for life time.

I thank the creator and originator of this video. I uploaded this on to my YOUTUBE channel as just a way of documenting and preserving the best I come across. And use it to help every citizen of the world as much as every child. All copyright is with the owner.


  1. Hi Sreeniji!

    Thanks for you beautiful approach to life with the best of the Educational stuff.

    Video is also fantastic,it reminded me of my interview in 2006 with Mr James Boleman,USJSC.

    He was happy with my answer to what do I do,if a black boy is making problems in classroom; straight away I uttered ” I don’t believe in colours”,some picture running back in my hippocampus of brown one person thrown away from a train in South Africa.

    Please allow me to translate & circulate on digital platforms/medias.

    Thanks for your !dead🙏 Prashant Mehta Mo.& WhatsApp:+919998797507


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