Review and Report Card – Project Aspiration 2020, DOE Delhi : 3 Dimensional Take !

My journey with technology-enabled education that started in 1999-2000 has been an exciting one. Many many stories on the way. The updates on the latest one is here….

I have been at the forefront of planning, design and anchoring PROJECT ASPIRATION2020, the COVID19 project to enable every state deliver education to every child in the state through technology-enabled-interactive-engaging learning classroom environment.

Here are the two links for you to get acquainted with the latest project –

Capacity Building of State Education System through technology

9/11 to Covid19: EDUCATION – Necessity, the mother of acceptance too, not just invention!

As you must have got acquainted with the pilot project of supporting DOE, Govt of NCT, Delhi, during COVID19, I am sharing the report card of the latest project – Project Aspiration 2020.

The present government of Delhi that has completed its first two terms of six years has been a very progressive one, being headed by highly educated and capable leadership. The education sector received the highest share of allocation of ₹15,815 crore, which is 24.33% of the total budget for the year 2020-2021 in the Govt of NCT, Delhi state annual budget speech. The state has seen tremendous transformation in education – schools, teacher facilitation, pedagogy, curriculum etc, under the leadership of Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education, Mr. Manish Sisodia.

Project Aspiration, Review and Report Meeting with Mr Sisodia

As, I shared in the previous articles, it just took less than fortnight for the DOE, Govt of NCT, Delhi to grab our proposal to use technology in the times of COVID19 to impact every child. Thus came Project Aspiration 2020.

It has been three weeks to day since the project started. 1.65 Lakh Class XII students have the access to the Project Aspiration Online classes since then.

The entire project is anchored by Career Launcher Education Foundation (CLEF AP.) and supported by global tech giants, Amazon Web Services and Intel.

I got a call from the office of Mr Manish Sisodia, Mr Shailendra Sharma, a very dynamic individual who is an advisor and execution man of the ministry, informing me that there will be review and report taking meeting of the project Aspiration along with all other tech-enabled endeavours the ministry is undertaking during the COVID19 action in education, with the Minister himself, Mr Sisodia chairing the review meeting.

Here I present the review and report card meeting of Project Aspiration, from three vantage points. Each one very interesting. Though each one is sharing the same, what you see from each vantage point, will be different enough for you to understand the perspectives and deeper insights. Watch all the three…

Vantage Point 1 : DOE, Govt of NCT, Delhi – Mr. Manish Sisodia and his Officers perspective

Quite a few things you would have heard from this video and the following two videos..

A. Empowered teachers, the CHAMPION ONLINE EDUCATORS, who feel that they have at their disposal the capability and tools now to facilitate and impact the learning process of thousands of students at one go, that they have never experienced before.

B. Delighted students who are excited to have the best of the teachers from across Delhi appearing in front of them, virtually yet impactful, to engage them in innovative ways that is far beyond what they ever experienced in their regular classrooms. And they want the classes to continue, even after the schools reopen.

C. There is a demand from many many students across the country to watch these classes for their benefit and teachers seeking permission from the Minister of Education to share the links to these classes for the benefit of children of India, and the minister gracefully giving permission, saying that every child is the child of our nation.

D. Overwhelming delight of the Minister himself and Officers of the Education Ministry, the transformational impact these classes are having on every child and teacher. The Minister expressing that possibly, in a year or two down the line, the government may wonder, “Was there really a need to invest so much on building the brick and mortar infrastructure, while technology-enabled education, facilitation and learning can have far more meaningful and lasting impact.”

Vantage Point 2: The Technology enabling STUDIO TECH team of CAREER LAUNCHER (CL Educate) perspective

The studio tech team with the virtue of having insights into multiple platforms, could integrate all of it to bring in this perspective. They captured a few things I could not and also missed a few that I was able to capture in the above video, but very impactful.

Vantage Point 3 : From the desk of the Anchor and Coordinator, Sreeni’s

As the anchor and coordinator of the project, I recorded the entire interactions during the review meeting from my desk, with my mobile and did a quick edit and uploaded –


We are on our way to transform the way learning would happen in the future. Post COVID19 is not going to be the same again. May Indian education emerge stronger with quality enhanced and costs demolished with the best of teachers using best of tools and resources.

God Bless India!

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