Purposefulness and Passion paves the way – S Vijay Kumar, an FPM student at IIMK, is a sought after Bharatanatyam dancer too!

Purushakaram S VIjaykumar

I was at the monsoon festival of India International Centre, New Delhi last week. The prestigious festival this year focused on male dancers – four brilliant, young dancers – Praveen kumar, Renjith Babu, S Vijay kumar and Lokesh Bharadwaj – who are making their mark on the firmament of Bharatanatyam world, performed. I have seen and captured Praveen and Lokesh a few times earlier too; Got to watch Renjith and VIjay for the first time and felt that both have immense talent and are obviously hardworking too; just need more exposure and experience.

Vijay, opened the second day, and was introducing every piece before he performed. He was also dancing to recorded carnatic classical music. Towards the end of the performance, he thanked all the facilitators and also thanked his orchestra. Sheepishly, while he introduced all the accompanist names, he shared that the lead singer for the pieces is none other than Vijay himself. It is very creditable indeed, as in the entire history of Indian classical dance there have been just a handful of people who have done this.

At the end of the concert, as usual, I met Vijay, to know him a little more. In the course of the short conversation, he shared that he is doing research in Behavioural sciences. On probing further, he shared that he is pursuing FPM at IIM Kozhikode. It was very inspiring to know and I complimented him; and also shared with him that I too am from the IIM fraternity and I know the pressure that he must be in, to balance the two – academics on one hand and performing arts on the other.

For the IIC to call a dancer to perform in this prestigious festival, the dancer must have arrived on the national/international stage and indeed Vijay has.

As usual, I captured all the performances and posted one picture of each on my FLICKR account and FB page SREENIViews last evening, and tagged the dancers.

This morning I get a message from VIjay –

“Hello Sir, I am Vijay Kumar.S. I performed at Purushaakaram, IIC. Thank you so much for the wonderful picture. I did not know you are the same Sreeni as the one we know from Career launcher. I was a student of CL. I remember the short conversation we had. I did not think that you would be so humble. Thank you so much 🙂 Definitely a day to remember sir.”

I responded –

You are inspiring vijay. Glad that you have been a family member. I am sure with your excellence in multiple spaces you will inspire scores. Will catch up for a longer conversation. Love and wishes.

Indeed, purposefulness and passion accompanied by perseverance, can take one a long way! No one can stop, if you are really goooooood.

Keep going Vijay!

[Krishnan Natarajan, an alum of IIMK, whom I recruited for CL in 1999 from the campus, is today a very sought after Hindustani Vocalist too…….thats another story!]

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