Every one becomes a super star after 20 years of struggle; Very few notice those 20 years…. Satya at Career Junction

Satya, Founder, CL Educate (Career Launcher) was addressing the packed hall at Career Junction. The audience included youth with a wide range of aspirations, IAS, IIM, Banking … most of them were with work experience. I managed to capture the few issues of the youth that Satya addressed…

Career Junction @ constitution club, New Delhi

How many of us have some amount of self doubt…?

– only one person has no self doubt, one who is dead
– every individual who is stretching beyond, naturally will have self doubt
– Sunil gavaskar – self doubt – focused – highest centuries against West Indies ….one hour before the play…goes into his zone
– it is true of Sunil Munjal, and of me… Of everyone..

– It should aid you to excel..


– Han bhi, naa bhi
– my competition is with me,
– if i have given 110% of commitment or discipline! I have given it

Creating your own path, standing apart

– be the protagonists, and
– little drops of water maketh a mighty ocean….it has to be your drops
– failing in a test is not a life ending thing
– focus on your life, keep asking what is my next goal
– keep listening to loud noises within you
– I can help you discover


– Every one becomes a super star after 20 years of struggle; no one knows those 20 years…
– Shahrukh changed the model in film business, taking territories in return..
– same is the case with various business models
– iceberg’s 1/10th is visible, 9/10th not visible
– Keep pegging away..

we always waited for the savior to come, he never came; my life changed when I did not expect any thing from any one

There is something wise that..

– Joy leading to success is the key..Chase the joy
– Geet sethi…. 11 times world champion; loved the journey..

What should you ideally chase..

What are you willing to do even if not paid.
What are you willing to do even if you are punished…

Whatever we have done is a safety net…..it just goes up

Deal with the duality….nothing so straight


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