Entrapment of AAP: Can it Survive?

Interesting take by my dear friend, Naren!  AAP govt has been trapped, and the shop shut since the time Naren has shared..  but I felt the train in the dark tunnel is worth sharing, as the story in the real world unravels!!

Mosaic Sky

By all streams of wisdom, conventional or otherwise, it is really too early to do a performance assessment of AAP now and pass a verdict. Even in the corporate world most leaders at least get 90 days. The only times an organization doesn’t wait for these 90 days is when there is an unresolvable values conflict; a violation of the code of conduct or a massive avoidance of entrusted duties.

AAP has been in power for all of three weeks and there has been an unprecedented frenzy of attempted fulfilment of promises made in their manifesto. Hence the questions are not about performance. The questions being posed about AAP are around violation of values and about their conduct. In short they are clearly painting themselves to be what the corporate world would label as “Cultural Misfits”. And this is an extremely dangerous position to be in for the fledgling party…

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