Mother India needs more such sons…

Dear Sridhar,


With wet eyes and sunken heart I am writing to you. I wish I could do such a service to the humanity and the nation. Hats off to your brother and to the family for instilling such values. We pray to the almighty to  bless you and your family in this hour of need.


Love you and will remain,


Dear Sreeni sir,

It is the Saddest & Proudest moment in my life to write this : 


Saddest because: I lost my elder brother- Mr.N.Muralidhar (39 yrs) on Dec, 15, 13. He was an MDO (Mandal Development Officer), Gandepalle (Rajahmundry), East Godavari Dist of Andhra Pradesh. His cadre was APPSC GROUP-I service and will have been promoted to an IAS Officer very soon. He was one of the toppers in the APPSC exams and he got ‘Best Service’ award from the Governor three times and many awards from the Ministers, Collectors, etc. His service was also complimented by our CMs.


On Dec 15, he along with his 36 subordinate staff members went to a tour to Araku Valley (Vizag) and he gave a speech about ‘How to do the Best service for the people from the govt?’ and felicitated one office attender to his surprise. On the return to Burra Caves, the brakes of the bus failed and the bus driver alerted my brother who was sitting in the last seat of the bus. These ghat roads are very dangerous with steep curves and there were many accidents in the past. All the passengers started screaming as the bus was proceeding to the valley. Then my brother shouldered the responsibility of saving the 36 lives on board. He alerted every passenger to hold on to the seats and the back of their front seats and he gave them the courage. Later he went to the driver and stood beside him and asked him to hit any wall only. He said to the driver  – “Don’t panic and be cool. I am with you. Hit the wall only otherwise all the 36 people will be killed as it will go into the steep valley. I will be at the foot board monitoring our bus path “.  All the bus passengers and the driver asked my brother not to be at the driver and save his life by coming back to the bus. But he did not listen to them and stood by the driver only because there were chances that the bus driver could jump out of the window to save his life (similar incident: recently Volvo bus caught fire and about 60 passengers were killed) and it could ram into any other vehicle also. As per my brother’s instructions, the driver hit the wall forcibly. All the passengers and the driver were safe. Very unfortunately, my brother who was on the foot board was thrown out of the bus and was killed.


PROUDEST because, I have seen many popular people like Dr. YSR, NTR and they served the people unto their death. But my brother served the people at the time of his death and he felt that the 36 lives were important to him at the expense of his life. This type of sacrifice is usually made by army men only. Now Thousands of people have been coming onto the roads in E.G.District to pay homage to my brother. They observed BANDH by voluntarily closing schools, colleges, shops. Many people said “Generally the Bandh is observed for politicians. This is the first time we are observing Bandh in the memory of one government officer in our area. After YSR’s death now the people have shed the tears”. Many villagers and the people are in tears about this death. All the print media and TV Channels like TV 9, E Tv, Sakshi, ABN telecast special videos on him


It is an irreparable loss to my family(me, my wife, my parents) . I had only one loving brother and no sisters. My brother has a wife and one boy (15 yrs) & one small daughter(8 yrs). I and my brother lived like friends and he raised me to this position. He took care of me and my family. My brother has never harmed anyone and very honest and has helped thousands of people in his service (old aged people, Physically challenged, etc). The people of Rajahmundry and the MLA, State Minister-Mr.Thota Narasimham are now saying ‘Muralidhar is not a man but GOD as he saved 36 families before he helped thousands of people thru his ideal service’. Last night the District Collector-Ms.Neethu Prasad called up our family and said ‘I have never seen such type of person in my service and I am proud to have worked with a Martyr’.


But why the god has taken away the god’s life? 




“After saving us, why did you sacrifice yourself? “- Andhra Jyoti
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