What I can be, will be, if I really want to! I can be the master….. Just do it.!

One has to watch what Kennichi did on the audition of this show, to just remind oneself of what human being can achieve, not only with his body but in any space. Purposefulness, Perseverance and Patience – It is a penance to achieve anything in life. Excellence is the way…..

Unlike other professions, for a performing artist – what you are, and what you are not – is visible in every practice, forget about any performance! He or she has to be on toes…

If each one of us sees every act and deed of ours, every day, as a performance, we are bound to excel!

Defy the perception! Just do it!

Hope and wish to continue doing so.. Thanks for inspiring, Kennichi.
You can watch a lot of his videos on youtube.

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