Yamuna Expressway! Indian ways – Bane or Boon! check out Sreeni on Road

On August 9th, early morning as I was nearing Greater Noida, the whole expressway was blocked, cars were parked on the ‘expressway’ in a very haphazard manner. One cannot imagine anywhere in the world such an in-disciplined way of parking on an expressway, where traffic is permitted to move at 120Kmph! Very soon I realized as I approached the new fly-over (has been new for the last few months) that takes off the Greater Noida-Agra Yamuna expressway, as temporary pandals have been erected, festooned with flowers and flowing sheer fabrics. I got to know that our ‘beloved’ young CM of UP, Akhilesh Yadav, is going to inaugurate the expressway. I did see huge crowds with the cars parked all over the road, but the security was not as ‘z’ as it would be for a CM.

The Clove Take off at the entrance of Yamuna expressway; this photo courtesy - YEIDA
The Clove Take off at the entrance of Yamuna expressway; this photo courtesy – YEIDA

I realized the next day through the newspapers that our CM has gone Hi-tech, as he inaugurated the expressway virtually! Irony, the CM inaugurates with technology, but neither his brethren have basic courtesies of parking, nor the traffic policemen were mindful of their duties. Many times, the behaviour of traffic policemen makes me wonder whether they themselves are aware of the traffic rules and the regulations.

For the full photo-essay on YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY, just head to my travelogue – Sreeni on Yamuna Expressway : Exciting Places, Interesting Perspectives


  1. I wondered when I found Akhilesh Yadav is an Civil Engg and also an Masters in Envt Studies….

    I think he used his graduate degree, but not the masters degree knowledge……

    Bcz he doesn’t think beyond constructing an Express way…. It made the whole Agra flooded with terrific traffic…. Is this the aim of it??


    • Akhilesh did nothing but cutting the ribbon, and…! Neither did Maya, she was busy with her statues and her birthday gifts worth hundreds of crores! JP just thought of pleasing both, to fill their coffers!!


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