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Human being has always been curious. Curious about knowing what is happening around the world. Who is behind this story? What could the response now be? Why is it behaving so? why does it look so? what is working as a catalyst? How will the world respond? The questions on who, what, where, when, why and how of every happening are interesting. We want to be aware, analyze with whatever data we have, create our own perceptions and take those decisions….

The messages went across the world using birds – mostly pigeons. Then came the printing press and slowly newspapers came into being. Then television stepped into world to beam films that made knowing the world more interesting and visually appealing. Then came along other forms of media like tapes, CDs, DVDs that made sharing easy. As the world moved into twenty first century, world wide web reached out everything to our desks. The world is at our finger tips. Anytime anywhere is the choice we all have. Now we can peep into any country, city or a colony from the sky, drive through a road looking all around sitting at our desk, even appreciate the art pieces in a museum! The future seems to be even more exciting with possibilities….

For most of us, the early morning cup of coffee with a newspaper in hand is a bliss! Each one eagerly awaits for the newspaper boy to through it every morning and scurry to get it. It is no different in a city, small towns or villages. Every curious human being quenches his thirst of catching up with the world, through the newspapers…..


Let me catch up! Chor bizaar, Mumbai
Let me catch up! Chor bizaar, Mumbai


““Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization””
— George Bernard Shaw


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