Sreeni in Charcha Mein – DD News : Reforms in Indian Education System – Is coaching a necessary evil?

For the textual version of it that I blogged earlier, kindly visit Sreeni in charch mein – Is coaching a necessary evil?

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  1. The experts estimated an Indian eighth grader is at par with a South Korean third grader with regard to mathematical skills and a second-grade Shanghai student in reading skills.

    A child’s development is largely fostered within the school setting. Thus, it is vital centre, building resilience in children and reducing anxiety in schools would help promote healthy learning and development in children.
    what parents want their children learn?–about different kinds of feelings and how to deal with them, learning how to initiate positive self-talk and “green light” thinking, goal setting, and learning various types of coping skills building up self concept in all the three domains ; Academic, career, personal and social development.. Evidence-based universal programs influenced to U S National Model( modulated to multicultural competent, advocates for social justice and equity in education) has been adopted by IISP,SC&G (recognized, endorsed & affiliated to IBAM IndIa, bacp U K, ASCA,U S A) for preparing School counselors (for elementary/middle/secondary schools) for providing school based counseling to K-12 grades studentsSchool based counselor’s Role and counseling services-The model do not pre -suppose that problems of developmental competencies of a school’s students does lie or limit solely to school counselors interventions alone, but it would percolate from individual class to school and further to district wide, matching the needs and degree of; at risk of the school’s students. School counselor’s assessment would assist in determining the kind of intervention; may be preventive/remedial, need based on the evidence of risk and disorders present and the case does not go untreated.

    In brief, School based counselors through his/her counseling services are competent to accomplish four goals:-
    • To promote the psychological wellness/well being of all students so that they can achieve developmental competencies at their level of class,
    • To remove systemic barriers/overcoming barriers to student success,
    • To integrate counseling skills/ efforts in collaboration with all the stake holders, parents, teachers, school staff and the community and the students themselves; at large to support high standards for all students,
    • To create, design and develop data base to assess student needs, establish goals, and measure results to ensure student success.

    Health Ministry’s plans to train mental health professional and introduction of psychological counseling services for students in 12th plan, both are remarkable and exciting. The CBSE and Raghvan committee (constituted by the Supreme Court) made counseling services mandatory in all the CBSE affiliated schools. Within this framework, including RTE; it is worth consideration to recognize that each school is a community, comprising students, their teachers, and administrative staff, the parents who entrust their love ones to the school. The ultimate goal of schooling, and of the schools themselves, has since been established to be the promotion of students’ competencies; their abilities to successfully meet the major developmental demands of the global market and the society.

    Recognized professional courses (copyrights ) M S/PG & SPL DIP (SCHOOL COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING, , HOIME STUDY COURSES offered by IISPSC&G- FOR admission details


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