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Inspired by many an outstanding photographer like Steve McCurry, I have started a photoblog wherein I am trying to classify and knit photos that I shot, under encompassing themes. It is a very challenging, painstaking, yet a thrilling work for me to document and knit. Looking forward to your visit and seeking your feedback.

Visit and leave feedback SREENIViews, Dance in Trance

The latest curation at SREENIViews is ‘DANCE into TRANCE’. I picked up just 20+ photos from a photobase of over 10 thousand photos that I have clicked. Each of these photos just showcases one of the dance forms, many have been left out.. I am sure as the blog evolves, I will keep bringing a few more into the space..

A couple of the photos here, that are not part of ‘Dance into Trance’…

The beautiful confluence - kathak
The beautiful confluence – kathak

Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn. ~Terri Guillemets

Contemporary dance - Guru Astad Deboo
Contemporary dance – Guru Astad Deboo

Kindly visit and leave feedbackSREENIViews, Dance in Trance

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