Incredible India ! Araku to Bastar..NagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-20-00121Dream Dubai ! Really?Dream Dubai ! Really?Indus World School, INDIACHIRAAGs
Eid festivities in Walled City, DelhiSuraj Kund MelaWonderment !Suraj Kund Melainteresting compositionAstad Deboo @ CWG - Central Park, CP
Man and the BeastClass of 2012 - Knowing thyself..Childrens tools and gamesNagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-16-0139Aakhyan - India traditional story telling -  @ IGNCADDC @ Gendaphool - CP flower Market
India05-7702Turkman Gate - Razia sultan tomb walkUjjaini baba!  Mahakumbh 2010 - Haridwar / RishikeshMahakumbh 2010 - Haridwar / RishikeshNagalandSPICMACAY-2008-06-16-0119Mahakumbh 2010 - Haridwar / Rishikesh

Dualities, a set on Flickr.

co-existence of contrasts, double takes :
– Modernity weds tradition
– Raw vs Refined
– Two ages juxtoposed
– haves and have-nots
– Out of place and context
– Progression

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