Mallika and Anandita with Dr. Kalam along with Business Leaders

Mallika and Anandita, went along with Satya and a few business leaders from Europe to meet Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, former president of India.

Both Mallika and Nandu had a lot of questions to ask. Interaction included the following –

Mallika and Nandu – ‘Kalamtatha, come and play with us’

Dr. Kalam – I have a meeting with these important people.

Mallika and Nandu – meeting meeting. Don’t you get bored talking talking. come and play with us in the parking lot

Dr. Kalam – Smiles

Mallika and Nandu – presenting their work, ‘This is for you’

Dr. Kalam – ‘gentleman, this is a very important present, I have to have a look at it before we start’ and opens it to find sketches by Mallika and Nandu

This incident was in 2008, when Mallika was five and Anandita six.

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